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RICOH THETA API Development Getting Started

HTTP request to RICOH THETA API using Wi-Fi.


HTTP response edited for conciseness.

{..."firmwareVersion":"1.10.1","manufacturer":"Ricoh Company, Ltd.","model":"RICOH THETA X","serialNumber":"14010001","_wlanMacAddress":"0C:8B:FD:2F:05:7B"}

#1 - RICOH THETA API Camera Connection

Oppkey Palo Alto Office

Examples connecting to RICOH THETA Camera as HTTP endpoint.

APIs Covered:

  • info - HTTP GET
  • state - HTTP POST - no body
  • takePicture - HTTP POST with body. No parameters for commands/execute

#2 -Using RICOH THETA API Response to Update App Screen

concept 2 state management

Camera response is JSON. Encode into object for the language you are using to extract information such as battery level. Update mobile app interface when camera response is received.

#3 - RICOH THETA API App State Management with BLoC

Concept 3 BloC

Use Business LOgic Components to separate logic from GUI and application state.

API Examples:

  • list thumbnails to improve app performance
  • Show 360 image with navigation
  • 8K 2fps and 8K 5fps video using fileFormat option
  • Extract URL of files usingcamera.listFiles

#4 - RICOH THETA API Screen and Settings Organization

Concept 4 BloC

Organize camera settings onto different screens using multiple blocs. Change GUI based on camera state. Automatically change shutter button behavior.

API Examples:

  1. image stitching
  2. image top/bottom correction
  3. image exposure compensation
  4. image HDR on/off
  5. video stitching
  6. video formats: 8K 2fps, 8K 10fps, 4K 30fps
  7. video bitrate: fine, normal, economy

#5 - Change App Screen Based on Camera Capture Mode (image or video)

Concept 4 BloC

Change the app screen automatically based on the capture mode (state) of the RICOH THETA camera. The camera can either be in image or video mode. The API commands and API settings are different based on the mode the camera is in.

RICOH THETA API Community Culture

Project kick-off.

Jesse Agueda

Jesse and Agueda eye the tasty food.

Picnic Wind

The wind kept things cool and lively. Agueda grabbing a beverage cup blowing away!


We had several pounds of charcoal-grilled steak and several pounds of chicken.